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Are you from a school, literacy program, or community-based organization that seeks to provide families with real-world ways to establish and hone healthy habits?

Healthy Family Habits offers step-by-step guides for hosting four different intergenerational events. These events feature at least one group physical activity and five stations with downloadable resources you can provide families at no extra cost.

The Healthy Family Habits series also features online resources and ideas for families seeking to extend healthy habits into their homes. All resources are available in English and Spanish, and everything is available free-of-charge.

Healthy Family Habits resources include:

For Families

  • Downloadable family-friendly dinner menus and resources
  • Fun activities and book recommendations to motivate your family to get moving and stay healthy
  • Mealtime discussion starters to inspire at-home healthy-lifestyle conversations

For Schools and Programs

  • A how-to guide for hosting four intergenerational events with five family-oriented activity stations
  • Facilitator’s implementation guide and downloadable take-home materials for families

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The Fun Family Cuisine event is focused on getting children excited about cooking, choosing healthy foods, and trying new foods!
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Routines are ways that families organize themselves to get things done, spend time together, and have fun!
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The focus of the Family Health Fair event is a health fair to promote happy, healthy families.
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The focus of this event is working and playing together to promote a healthy family lifestyle.