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  • National Family Literacy Month

    National Family Literacy Month

    Honoring the tireless efforts of family literacy and family-focused programs.
  • Ready to hit the Family Trail?

    Ready to hit the Family Trail?

    Family Trails sparks and celebrates family learning through exploration and adventure.
  • Renegade Buggies

    Renegade Buggies

    Learn smart-spending habits at high speeds with NCFL's new financial literacy app.
  • Wonder Ground

    Wonder Ground

    Join our Wonder Ground and receive a free copy of the Wonderopolis® educator guide!
  • National Literacy Directory

    National Literacy Directory

    Designed to help individuals find local literacy and education programs and GED testing centers.

Families Learning Together

NCFL exists to create a culture of family engagement across the educational spectrum.



San Mateo County Library | Family Literacy Events
San Mateo County Library held two National Family Literacy Month events to highlight the commitment East Palo Alto families has toward educating...


Lincoln Public Schools | Life 'Wonders'
Increasing curiosity for math and reading subjects were a top priority when Lincoln Public Schools families joined together at Everett...


East Side House | Camp Wonderopolis
To celebrate National Family Literacy Month , parents, families, teachers, and students gathered together at East Side House Settlement to...

Useful Links

Families Learning Summit

The 2015 Families Learning Summit was an exciting and rejuvenating event! View archived session info and watch the live webinar that was broadcast from Houston.


Family Fridge

Showcase pictures of your family and your family’s artwork on the NCFL Family Fridge!

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