Reading & Standards

Home Connections

It's important to reinforce what your child is learning at school. When your child is at school, she is working to meet reading standards in 3 different areas: literature, informational text, and foundational skills. You can reinforce these areas at home by understanding what they are and talking with your child. Click the Go! buttons to get specific ideas for each area.

The standards for literature help widen and deepen your child's foundation of fiction. Introduce your child to a variety of fictional texts, such as stories, poems, and dramas. There are many kinds of books from which to choose! Reading a variety will help to broaden your child's literary knowledge. Help your child dive deep into the meaning of what he is reading. Ask your child questions that require him to think beyond what the text says. Have your child give reasons (the why) for what he thinks and support his answers with information from the text. Also, talk about interesting words found in the text. Learning new words will help with all kinds of reading and writing tasks.
Informational Text
Reading informational text gives children an opportunity to learn about the world and subject area content especially in subjects such as science and social studies. The texts students read become more complex as children progress through school. Informational text skills can be practiced every day. Ask your child about a current event. Talk about words together when reading informational text. Make these every day connections with your child.
Foundational Skills
Foundational skills emphasize skills that will improve children's reading abilities. Students develop foundational skills in kindergarten through Grade 5. These skills are the stepping stones toward literacy skills that are expanded in later grades. You can help by reading with your child every day, providing a print-rich environment at home, and having meaningful conversations with your child.