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Event Overview

Raising a Superstar focuses on promoting happy, healthy families. As you prepare for the event, the following paragraphs may help you with your introductory message and set the stage for a successful event.

Routines are ways that families organize themselves to get things done, spend time together, and have fun! Each family has its own routines. Though they may vary from one family to another, routines help family members know who should do what, when, and how often.

You may have routines for getting ready in the morning, bath time, bedtime, and mealtimes. You may even have routines for doing housework and laundry. Routines can help children develop basic work skills and time management. Yes, a routine for completing homework in the early years can have a big payoff as children have more homework in the upper grades.

Routines help children know what is important to your family and can make it easier for them to deal with stressful events. When families have an organized and predictable home environment, children feel safe and secure. They know what to expect!

Routines can be a way of teaching healthy habits, like brushing teeth or getting enough physical activity; but they also can strengthen relationships between parents and children. Examples of this kind of routine are reading a story together before bedtime or going to the library each week. Routines are good for parents, too! When things are hectic, routines can help you feel more organized and that will lower stress. Having routines helps you complete daily tasks efficiently and will free you from having to make quick decisions. Regular routines can help you feel like you are doing a good job as a parent.

Sometimes routines need to be changed to help families be more efficient and organized, or to help them have more fun or be healthier. Just because families have routines doesn’t mean they are ones that promote good health.