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CIRCLES® A Culturally Appropriate Preschool Curriculum for American Indian Children

Book 1: CIRCLES® The Core Curriculum Approach

CIRCLES ® is grounded in evidence-based practices and principles with a strong focus toward Native culture and language preservation. Using this curriculum approach, teachers are encouraged to implement a variety of teaching strategies to support American Indian learners while paying attention to child observation to inform instructional practices. Nearly three decades of work with American Indian preschool children and families has contributed to and shaped this unique curriculum approach created by the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL).

This book, the CIRCLES ® Core Curriculum Approach, shares the three foundational Frameworks and the seven Curriculum Elements that make up the CIRCLES® curriculum. Professional development opportunities for CIRCLES® is available exclusively through the National Center for Families Learning. Participants leave CIRCLES® Core training with implementation strategies and tools to immediately incorporate the CIRCLES® approach into the preschool day.

For professional development opportunities using the CIRCLES ® Core Curriculum Approach, contact Kim Jacobs, Senior Director, Education and Curriculum Development, at kjacobs@familieslearning.org.

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