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FACE Opens Doors of Opportunity for the Kewanyama Family

Before starting the Family and Child Education (FACE) program, 25-year-old Joshua Kewanyama says he used to sit around and do nothing other than wonder if opportunity was going to knock at the door.

Opportunity did come, but it was in the form of a simple question from his wife asking him to go to school with their daughter in the FACE program.

The experience has opened many doors for the family.

Through the FACE program, Joshua enrolled in his first college course, which he took online. Not only did he pass, he received an A+.

Within a few short months, he saw an improvement in his 3-year-old daughter’s ability to learn - from improving her vocabulary and counting, to singing nursery rhymes and talking in long, complete sentences.

“This program has also taught me a lot about parenting skills and how to interact with my children,” Joshua says. “The activities we do have helped me tremendously in making me a positive role model for my children and the people around me. There are exercises that have helped me build up my self-confidence and sharpened my ability to make better decisions as a parent.

It also taught me a lot about coping with problems in life and how to overcome any obstacles that have been thrown at me in life.”