Our Capabilities

NCFL Literacy Powerline

None of the social or economic challenges we face can be overcome unless all members of our communities have the literacy skills they need. Every community is unique in its characteristics and strengths. NCFL Literacy Powerline* offers proven literacy coalition strategies that will leverage your community's knowledge and strengths to create innovative solutions tailored to your needs, increase literacy levels, and build an improved system through community collaboration.

Learn more about NCFL Literacy Powerline's community and coalition building services outlined below by emailing Josh Cramer or calling 502-584-1133.

Phase 1 – Assess Your Community

  • Determine community need for literacy activities
  • Assess current services, their effectiveness and impact
  • Identify resources to support current and proposed services

Phase 2 – Plan with Community Members

  • Facilitate community stakeholder planning meetings
  • Conduct focus groups with people involved in workforce, family, health, financial, and computer literacy activities
  • Evaluate current services, needs, and resources with representatives from education, business, philanthropy, government, as well as with students and service providers
  • Produce a community literacy plan

Phase 3 – Transition to a Community Literacy Coalition

  • Determine organizational structure to implement community plan
  • Facilitate development of Coalition's board and staff
  • Create a fund development plan
  • Develop a community outreach and marketing plan
  • Design a plan for evaluating the Coalition's work

Phase 4 – Implement the Community's Literacy Plan

  • Support project development and capacity building
  • Facilitate neighborhood organizing with students and their families
  • Train volunteers for leadership and mentoring
  • Research and develop funding proposals
  • Evaluate Coalition's work, measuring impact of the literacy initiative

Phase 5 – Sustain and Grow the Coalition

  • Provide ongoing organizational coaching and mentoring to Coalition leaders
  • Conduct annual technical assistance follow-up
  • Evaluate changes in community that result from the Coalition's work
  • Publicize successes and demonstrated practices of excellence

NCFL Literacy Powerline offers community and coalition building resources and technical assistance to broaden partnerships across communities by working with educators, business and labor leaders, philanthropy, civic and faith-based groups, policymakers, literacy providers and students to demonstrate that everyone thrives when a community is committed to literacy.

Discover the power and potential of NCFL Literacy Powerline's community and coalition building services by emailing Josh Cramer or calling 502-584-1133.

*All of Literacy Powerline's services are now offered through NCFL. The two organizations began partnering formally in 2013, and merged in 2015.