2-Generation Learning

NCFL's Two-Generation Solutions in Action

NCFL's most prominent two-generation solutions are Toyota Family Learning and the Family and Child Education (FACE) program. Both represent more than 20 years of NCFL's place-based approach based to two-generation learning, 66 sites, and our continuous improvement and innovation on the original family literacy model. More information on the exponential impact of Toyota Family Learning and NCFL's two-generation efforts is available in the brief From Theory to Outcomes: NCFL's Two-Generation Movement for Families.

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Toyota Family Learning

When children and families solve community issues together, they are simultaneously learning and applying 21st-century college and career readiness skills. NCFL is validating this through Toyota Family Learning, a six-year, nationwide movement that is providing educational solutions and opportunities for low-income and ethnically-diverse families to roll up their sleeves and build stronger communities.

A critical element in this movement is the next iteration of the four-component model, now being tested in 10 U.S. communities. Family Service Learning—families learning and achieving together and mentoring each other—is emerging as a proven driver for family progress and change in this effort. Launched in 2013, Toyota Family Learning is fast becoming a visible partner in environmental stewardship, financial literacy, volunteerism, and civic engagement.

Click here to read the results of Goodling Institute for Family Literacy at Penn State University's independent evaluation of 2014-15 Toyota Family Learning programming, which served 296 predominately low-income families (including 860 children).

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Family Service Learning in Action

The NCFL-Toyota Partnership

Visit http://toyotafamilylearning.org for much more information on the Toyota Family Learning Program.



Since 1990, NCFL has worked with the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) in the U.S. Department of the Interior to help more than 42,690 individuals from 17,000 American Indian families improve their literacy skills and lives through the Family and Child Education (FACE) program.

FACE's center-based program, based on the four-component family literacy model, is an early-childhood/parental-involvement program designed to provide culturally-responsive education, resources, and support for American Indian families with children from birth to five years of age. Currently FACE is operating in 43 programs at BIE-funded schools in 10 states.

Parents have earned their GEDs, become employed, and learned how to support their children's language and literacy development and school success. Children have received a host of educational services, scored higher than their peers on K-3 standardized reading and math tests, are less likely to require special education services, learned about their culture and community, and thrived in school.

Learn more about the incredible results of this two-generation place-based program here.